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US-5421315-A: Crosshair bow sight patent, US-5461298-A: Automatic electric vehicle charging system patent, US-5499387-A: Handoff method wherein stored measured information is transferred between base stations patent, US-5509080-A: Bass clipping circuit patent, US-5525999-A: Multi-receiver master control station for differential GPS and method patent, US-5527479-A: Lubricating composition and recording medium using the same patent, US-5551726-A: Safety net system for a motor vehicle to separate a cargo compartment from a passenger compartment patent, US-5557826-A: Heat insulating handle for metallic cooking pots and the like patent, US-5582038-A: Knitting needle having anchoring means for a filler held in the needle shank patent, US-5710968-A: Bypass transport loop sheet insertion system patent, US-5752378-A: Prevention of parameter excursions in gas turbines patent, US-5829959-A: Scroll compressor patent, US-5831650-A: Ink-jet printhead patent, US-5868561-A: Gas lighter comprising a safety ignition system patent, US-5879089-A: Keyboard arrangement patent, US-6004174-A: Rotary weed and line cutter patent, US-6014326-A: Half-bridge balancing circuit patent, US-6032042-A: Cellular radio network having mobile radio station user-activated unlocking of prevention of location-updating feature patent, US-6033264-A: Electrical or electronic device for seating on a mounting rail and process for producing same patent, US-6039820-A: Metal complexes for use as gas generants patent, US-6066113-A: System for treating the ureter and/or pyelo-ureter junction patent, US-6091285-A: Constant voltage output device patent, US-6118254-A: Battery charge control architecture for constant voltage maximum power operation patent, US-6128686-A: Hiding peripheral memory transactions on a local bus within a peripheral controller from a host system bus patent, US-6229340-B1: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-6269832-B1: Degassing circuit for liquid tank patent, US-6286623-B1: Sound-attenuating muffler for internal combustion engine patent, US-6338190-B1: Method for automatically setting an air gap patent, US-6452749-B1: Tape cassette patent, US-6509746-B1: Excitation circuit for compensated capacitor industrial process control transmitters patent, US-6513587-B2: Fin collar and method of manufacturing patent, US-6532213-B1: Guaranteeing data transfer delays in data packet networks using earliest deadline first packet schedulers patent, US-3982757-A: Torsion type arm exercising apparatus patent, US-4067415-A: Locking arrangement for counterweight patent, US-4263101-A: Coke oven door assembly patent, US-4267384-A: Ruthenium catalyzed process for acetaldehyde and ethanol patent, US-4335591-A: Multiple washer laundry system with common function control patent, US-4556010-A: Method of controlling noxious insects patent, US-4630169-A: Charge injection device patent, US-4634130-A: Golf practice putting device patent, US-4763141-A: Printing apparatus with improved ion focus patent, US-4836303-A: Device for the remote adjustment of the relative orientation of two sections of a column patent, US-4841126-A: Rotary table wire EDM machine patent, US-4905314-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an object circuit to which output voltages of the sub- and main booster circuits are applied patent, US-5060511-A: Intake air quantity measuring apparatus patent, US-5123406-A: Motor-driven massaging apparatus patent, US-5186432-A: Safety valve patent, US-5249399-A: Lead-base paint painted woodwork control arrangement patent, US-5319346-A: Conversion from odd to non-zero winding number specification using an extended frame buffer patent, US-5333593-A: Energy-on-demand ignition coil patent, US-5413360-A: Electrostatic chuck patent, US-5502633-A: Method and apparatus for controlling an inverter patent, US-5505007-A: Method for drying structural components made of fiber reinforced plastic materials patent, US-5509122-A: Configurable, recoverable parallel bus patent, US-5509695-A: Precocked quick connect fluid coupling having a v-shaped holding ring patent, US-5524717-A: Method of using a pressurized medium in drilling patent, US-5549483-A: Electrical terminal with lead strain relief means patent, US-5622480-A: Suction set retainer patent, US-5806080-A: System and method for implemeting canvas objects on windowing computer systems patent, US-5822959-A: Pick-up for harvesting a lying crop patent, US-5833827-A: Capillary array electrophoresis system patent, US-5855189-A: Exhaust controller for internal combustion engine patent, US-5954709-A: Low profile introducer and rotator patent, US-5957125-A: Apparatus for indicating proper orientation for oral and nasal inhalers patent, US-6004108-A: Air compressor system within a vehicle patent, US-6029493-A: Device for hemming of sheet metals, particularly of coachwork sheet metals in automobile manufacture patent, US-6037439-A: Process for continuous production of polyacetal resin patent, US-6163132-A: Battery charging status indicator apparatus patent, US-6175817-B1: Method for vector quantizing speech signals patent, US-6176201-B1: Ventilated cat litter box patent, US-6214271-B1: Thermal treatment process for valve metal nitride electrolytic capacitors having manganese oxide cathodes patent, US-6223089-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling computers remotely patent, US-6301009-B1: In-situ metrology system and method patent, US-6386235-B1: Ambulatory cylinder recharging and dispensing valve patent, US-6392996-B1: Method and apparatus for frame peeking patent, US-6478017-B2: Internal-combustion engine provided with an exhaust gas recirculation system, in particular for a vehicle patent, US-6568525-B2: Vertical conveyor assembly with accumulating pallets patent, US-6582429-B2: Ablation catheter with covered electrodes allowing electrical conduction therethrough patent, US-3729053-A: Method for increasing permeability of oil-bearing formations patent, US-3754690-A: Flexible container with dispensing cap patent, US-3877105-A: Brush having a head of gathered net material patent, US-3924660-A: Distribution valve for dental equipment patent, US-4417520-A: Sequential time discrimination system for sub-delivery systems patent, US-4433391-A: Buffered handshake bus with transmission and response counters for avoiding receiver overflow patent, US-4490716-A: Ultrasonic distance detector patent, US-4611424-A: Selectable entry shellfish trap patent, US-4660009-A: Modular integral circuit interrupter patent, US-4693250-A: Method for dilating puncture site in the renal pelvis patent, US-4817414-A: Measuring arrangement for detecting the level of combustible gases mixed with air patent, US-4915045-A: Sewing machine control device patent, US-4917824-A: Fluid light controlling medium for a vehicle rearview mirror patent, US-4936338-A: Floating drain seal apparatus patent, US-4939743-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, US-4987864-A: Two cycle engine with valved pressure scavenging patent, US-5091675-A: Flashbulb having hard glass containing emitter substances patent, US-5157456-A: Double monochromator patent, US-5157837-A: Cutting implement patent, US-5166498-A: Procedure and assembly for drawing blood patent, US-5263069-A: Pressurized water reactor with solid partitioning patent, US-5293730-A: Auger finger control mechanism patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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